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Xxtreme Clean

This was my very first experience in doing this and as a very computer and techno novice.I found LOGOARENA to be simple to use and the corospondence between designers and reaching the final product was fantastic,I THROUGHLY RECOMEND it to anyone that has no idea of how to come uo with a quirky catchy logo Colin Harrtison.

23/09/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Xxtreme Clean(Link alla recensione)
, Australia (Brisbane)
CONNECT 2 SUCCESS Network(C2SNetwork)

Very Impressed! This contest turn out better than I had thought it would. There is so much talent here! The Designs are so great! It was hard choice...But This Logo Look So Great! You Put in So Much Work! I really appreciate that you listen to me and were very professional! Thank You So Much! God Bless!

, Westbank BC Canada
Pulse Entertainment

The first logo that was submitted and Steve nailed it. Great design. I love it and couldn't be happier.

19/09/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Pulse Entertainment(Link alla recensione)
, Carstairs

Extremely Pleased how the final logo came out

Get REAL Professional Coaching

This designer truly captured the essence of what I was seeking. I had no idea how to integrate a professional, creative and spiritual feel and this designer did an amazing job. Always willing and inviting me to try different things, they provided so many creative ideas. I am very pleased.

, United States
Jeffrey A. Bauer, CMEA, SBA

Very much enjoyed the contest. We'll be back with some other projects very soon.....

, Michigan, USA

Ute was great to work with. Very responsive and was great at implementing our suggestions. We would definitely work with Ute again.

01/09/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: CoolBizTools(Link alla recensione)
, San Diego
Farmer, Price, Hornsby & Weatherford, LLP

Very happy with communication and with end product. Would use this designer again.

, Alabama, USA

Great website. Got a lot of submissions with different views of the logo which really helped on which route we wanted to go with it. Thanks!

27/08/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: TriPhonia(Link alla recensione)
, Louisville, KY

Fantastic way to develop an identity/logo. We have developed an excellent branding job in 5 days with over 100 submissions. The secret has been to constantly rank, provide feedback, and invite the best to joing our competition. Great site, process, result and couldn't have been more user friendly to execute.

26/08/2012- Punteggio: 4/5- Contest: Funkydock(Link alla recensione)
, Ireland
BC Artifacts Ltd.

Very Pleased with the design and the contest outcome. Thanks to all who entered! Thanks for the great website service and support Logo Arena. :)

15/08/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: BC Artifacts Ltd.(Link alla recensione)
Rockwood Optometry

There were so many great logos to choose from it made it really hard to pick a winner. I was thrilled with the logo that I selected for the winner. Thanks to all the designers for their efforts.

09/08/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Rockwood Optometry(Link alla recensione)
, Pleasant View, UT, USA
Old State Farms

I really enjoyed the design process. Communication with the designers is key to getting the logo you are looking for. All of the designers are quality professionals! I would recommend Logo Arena to anyone seeking a new logo.

03/08/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Old State Farms(Link alla recensione)
Mancards Media, LLC

Excellent work. Very flexible designer. We are very pleased with the results. Thank you!

01/08/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Mancards Media, LLC(Link alla recensione)
, United States
All-In Translations

Great for getting logo ideas from scratch or to make adjustments and tailor existing ideas. Easy to communicate with designers and tell them what you want, then you can compare and see for yourself exactly what works. I recommend enabling the tipping option to get more entries.

25/07/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: All-In Translations(Link alla recensione)
, Malta
Crystal Healing School Amsterdam

I was very pleased about the cooperation with the designer. He understood my wishes and encouraged me to give feedback and explore other varieties of the original. In doing so I finally got familiar with the logo and it became "my logo". I can surely recommend this designer to other people!

, Amsterdam
Charity Vision

Really very happy with the logo and very quick uploading of the final file. The design is simple and strong and I wouldn't hesitate to work with the designer again.

16/07/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Charity Vision(Link alla recensione)
, Bristol, UK

not only was the originality above and beyond, but communication and responsiveness to additional concepts and ideas I threw out. Well done

13/07/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: alla recensione)
, Orlando, Florida
Just For You

We are very happy with our selected logo and with many of the logo submissions. It wasn't easy to make a final selection but we feel that this logo truly encompasses the essence of our business while also being simple and unique. Overall, we had a great experience on this website and will definitely return for future logo requirements. Thanks to all the designers for a job well done, and special thanks to our selected designer, Masjacky, for coming up with the perfect design for us.

05/07/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Just For You(Link alla recensione)
insync printing

We are very happy with the service we have received. If we were working with a local person, we would have only received 3-5 designs and not to mention, limited thoughts, but at Logo Arena, we received an overwhelming response of more than 150 designs to choose from designers from all over the world! Thank you Logo Arena for providing such a wonderful service and we have already referred you some more business.

03/07/2012- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: insync printing(Link alla recensione)