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Ho lavorato on LaProwBapio ed è un bravissimo professionista. Ho chiesto consigli, modifiche e supporto per arrivare al miglior logo possibile. Lavora con estrema disponibilità e competenza! I miei complimenti al Designer!

17/07/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: EURIFINANCE(Link alla recensione)
Padel Greece

This logo is exceptional. Simple, elegant, and very clear as to what it represents. Money well spent to a service very well organized. Very good and professional designers

14/07/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Padel Greece(Link alla recensione)
, Athens, Greece

All the designers were great and very professional. Got many options on a simple design and was very hard to choose. The process was simple and fun . Thank you would use again and refer others to use!

01/07/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: LKNGD(Link alla recensione)
, Texas
Double Trouble Cutting Boards

Great work by all participants!! Job well done, and keep up the good work. I will be back with other projects.

Plugin Optics

Blast is an amazing designer who went above and beyond to deliver a world class logo. We cannot thank you enough!

29/06/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Plugin Optics(Link alla recensione)
, Florida U.S.
Boo & Zu

I am amazed at the quality of the work I was sent! I got almost 100 entries. I got so many great options it was almost too much. I’m very happy with the results, and the process!

23/06/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Boo & Zu(Link alla recensione)
Black scorpion properties

I had my logo done by logo arena a the designers that was in my contest all did a great job with there designs. i would recommend logo arena to anyone that wants to get a logo done for there business.

Black Label Sports LLC

Logoarena was awesome. All the artists were very accomodating and submitted re-entries really fast. In hindsight this $500 was much better spent here with so many logos to choose from than if I had spent $500 to $1000 to do it with a graphic designer. We are very happy. Mahlo

, Honolulu, Hawaii
HP Motorsport

Absolutely outstanding effort by all the designers involved in our logo competition and we are grateful to everyone. Blast did an amazing job with the design and captured our brief and way of thinking perfectly, we have a great design with a fun element that will be used in different ways throughout our business. Thank you logo arena and to all the wonderful designers.

18/06/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: HP Motorsport(Link alla recensione)
, Australia

First time using Logo Arena, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away by how many logos were submitted and the creativity of the designs. I will definitely recommend to friends and family.

, NY
BASH Fitness & Nutrition

I loved working with LogoArena. I got so many designs to choose from, more than what was promised, and ultimately chose one that I love. LaProwBapio, the designer, was very quick to adhere to my requests and made the logo look even better than I thought it could. He was a pleasure to work with and I'd work with him again in a heartbeat. Thank you LaProwBapio and LogoArena! I recommend both 100%!


Designer molto disponibile e pronto ad assecondare le modifiche richieste in tempi brevi. Pienamente soddisfatti! Grazie!

10/06/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: EndoRinoRoma(Link alla recensione)
, Monza (MB)
Concorso privato

Really easy to work with! I got requested revisions back very quickly and the communication was great.

01/06/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
Essential home cleaning services

This was my first time using LogoArena to get my design done by a professional, without a doubt LaProwBapio came through until the very end. His services and response to my questions were very efficient and time saving, he was very helpful and professional on his approach. Overall l, I would recommend LaProwBapio for anyone, including my friends. Thank you for your professional service, Kind regards

Design/Build/Dwell or Design.Build.Dwell. or Design Build Dwell

This design captured the main elements I wanted to convey with a non-conventional company name simply and quickly. Each of the icons clearly defines our 3-step process for a successful renovation project and they also can stand alone without the wording for an easily identifiable logo that says what it needs to say without the use of words. The colors also help to separate the three phases as well as help soften the abruptness of 3 strong words that individually define what we do. A job well done.

, Denver
Concorso privato

Super responsive and very happy with the design! 100%

26/05/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
The Eclectic Connoisseur

Who are you guys? Your artists are so amazing. I want to thank everyone for all there diligent hard work, revisions, time, effort and energy. This was probably one of the hardest decision I have ever made

, Canada
Destined to Reign

Love this!

19/05/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Destined to Reign(Link alla recensione)

Great Service. Thank you to all who participated. I appreciate this is difficult to do. Well done and thank you

15/05/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Steiriliu(Link alla recensione)
, Galway
Mission Actual

Great product, east to work with, good communication

11/05/2020- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Mission Actual(Link alla recensione)