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Thank you very much for the design

06/03/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Digitaliza(Link alla recensione)
Water Mark Plumbing Services Ltd.

Awesome logo mate really happy just waiting for it now. Thanks mark

Concorso privato

Best experience in a long while. Currently running my second contest.

25/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
Canine Consultants of Chattanooga

Sunjava group was great to work with, and we are very pleased with the results.

Antonio Varanese - Chirurgo Plastico

Comunicazione efficiente, graphic designer preparato e attento alle esigenze del cliente! Soddisfatto del lavoro e della velocità nell'elaborare le modifiche richieste! Grazie!

, Roma
Concorso privato

This was fun. I really had no strong ideas on what I wanted for sure. Thank you to all the creative designers. Great job.

18/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
Concorso privato

Great contest with many great designs. Designers G-Hart and Calico were both very responsive to requests to variations of their designs which helped us make a final decision. In the end it was G-Hart! Thank you to all the designers who participated and to Log Arena for providing this great platform.

18/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
, Woodbine, NJ USA
Makenzie Homes

Excellent responses to minor directives, creative and enjoyable to interaction - true professional

13/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Makenzie Homes(Link alla recensione)
, Houston Texas

I’m way late writing this review but his logo was great! It was used for a startup business and really captures the essence of what I was looking for! Thank you!

10/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: NJHungry(Link alla recensione)

I love this website, we found our perfect logo for our Church

, Texas
Wiser Purpose

I was super impressed with the vast amount of talent and participation in the contest. It was really hard to pick one winner. Thank you to all for a great service and such professional designs and communication.

24/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Wiser Purpose(Link alla recensione)
, Brisbane

I really appreciated to received lot of different design from many designer. My prefer design is from RetroMetro_Steve. Real pleasure to work with Steve. He really catch my business vision. Thanks to all to give your best !!! Vincent Roy

20/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: MSR(Link alla recensione)
, Quebec, Canada
Pupcake Photography

Absolutely thrilled with my new logo! Sunjava was amazing to work with. Thank you very much!

10/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Pupcake Photography(Link alla recensione)
, Canada
Symphony Conversion

Indra did a great job taking what we thought we wanted and adding to it what we didn't know we wanted. A perfect blend of listening and improving upon. A job well done!

05/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Symphony Conversion(Link alla recensione)
, Florida, USA

First logo which i have recived is this and iam also made a choice of same.. best of luck..

05/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: KIDZ KONNECT(Link alla recensione)
, Hyderabad INDIA
Cara Mortgages

Excellent and easy designer to work with.

04/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Cara Mortgages(Link alla recensione)
, Ontario
Nuova Laig srl - Sicurezza e igiene

Mi sono trovata benissimo, ottimo sito, funzionale, facile da usare, veramente ottimo. bravissimi.

, italia
Feet To The Fire Coaching

well done. LOVE the design

, Orlando, FL

did a great job and took input. By far the cleanest looks. thx

17/12/2018- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: 50/50(Link alla recensione)

We got a logo we're excited about, many strong options from which to choose and a perfectly simple and smooth process! Very happy and will be back for future logo needs.

11/12/2018- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Contactia(Link alla recensione)
, Springfield, Missouri