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I feel I was provided with strong logos and that is the most important thing. All designers took direction very well. In the end there were 3 that made it extremely hard to choose. I am a creative director and have high standards for logos. This time I was creating a logo for a client so it was a little harder than usual. We ended up with a design she loved and you can tell the person was on a professional level.

26/03/2019- Punteggio: 4/5- Contest: FaithFlo(Link alla recensione)
, Los Angeles, California
Concorso privato

Great experience working with the logo designers. Several were prompt, and responded very well to our input. Very happy with the results.

19/03/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
Adroit Garage Doors

Amazing! We love our new logo. It represents what we do, how we do it, and will definitely stick with us on our journey. Thanks!

13/03/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Adroit Garage Doors(Link alla recensione)
, Atlanta, GA
East Central University Foundation

After having to re-open my contest twice, we are so thankful that Steve got ahold of our shield and was able to create our vision without us knowing it was our vision!! Simple yet elegant!

, Oklahoma

The design was absolutely on brief, just what I wanted. Steve was quick to respond and happy to work through several minor amends to complete the work. I’m happy! Thanks, Steve

12/03/2019- Punteggio: 4/5- Contest: SkillPacks(Link alla recensione)
Cajun Crab

Thank you for a great logo design.

10/03/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Cajun Crab(Link alla recensione)
Pure Shades De Chocolat

This designer was communicative, artistic, and worked very hard to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for. The image of the cat specifically that was designed was even better than my expectation. It almost looked like my actual cat a friend of mine mentioned. Thank you! Highly recommended.

, BC, Canada

Thank you very much for the design

06/03/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Digitaliza(Link alla recensione)
Water Mark Plumbing Services Ltd.

Awesome logo mate really happy just waiting for it now. Thanks mark

Concorso privato

Best experience in a long while. Currently running my second contest.

25/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
Canine Consultants of Chattanooga

Sunjava group was great to work with, and we are very pleased with the results.

Antonio Varanese - Chirurgo Plastico

Comunicazione efficiente, graphic designer preparato e attento alle esigenze del cliente! Soddisfatto del lavoro e della velocità nell'elaborare le modifiche richieste! Grazie!

, Roma
Concorso privato

This was fun. I really had no strong ideas on what I wanted for sure. Thank you to all the creative designers. Great job.

18/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
Concorso privato

Great contest with many great designs. Designers G-Hart and Calico were both very responsive to requests to variations of their designs which helped us make a final decision. In the end it was G-Hart! Thank you to all the designers who participated and to Log Arena for providing this great platform.

18/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- (concorso privato)(Link alla recensione)
, Woodbine, NJ USA
Makenzie Homes

Excellent responses to minor directives, creative and enjoyable to interaction - true professional

13/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Makenzie Homes(Link alla recensione)
, Houston Texas

I’m way late writing this review but his logo was great! It was used for a startup business and really captures the essence of what I was looking for! Thank you!

10/02/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: NJHungry(Link alla recensione)

I love this website, we found our perfect logo for our Church

, Texas
Wiser Purpose

I was super impressed with the vast amount of talent and participation in the contest. It was really hard to pick one winner. Thank you to all for a great service and such professional designs and communication.

24/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Wiser Purpose(Link alla recensione)
, Brisbane

I really appreciated to received lot of different design from many designer. My prefer design is from RetroMetro_Steve. Real pleasure to work with Steve. He really catch my business vision. Thanks to all to give your best !!! Vincent Roy

20/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: MSR(Link alla recensione)
, Quebec, Canada
Pupcake Photography

Absolutely thrilled with my new logo! Sunjava was amazing to work with. Thank you very much!

10/01/2019- Punteggio: 5/5- Contest: Pupcake Photography(Link alla recensione)
, Canada